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Friday, April 10, 2009

Am I really old

Or is Burger Kings new kids meal commercial in really poor taste?    I heard this today before I actually watched it.    At the time, I wondered what on earth big butts had to do with hamburgers and fries but then realized they have everything to do with hamburgers and fries.   That seemed a little ironic.  

I put it out of my head until I SAW the commercial and realized it was promoting a kids meal!  Women shaking their butts is supposed to sell meals to kids now?   Who on earth thought of this marketing concept?

Watching the "King" trying to do a rap song was enough to make my jaw hit the floor and then it just got worse and worse.   He was measuring some womans square butt!  What on earth?

Needless to say.  We won't be frequenting (that word takes on a whole new connotation after watching the commercial) Burger King anymore.   I imagine I will also have to explain to my eight year old just why this commercial is not cute or funny, thanks BK!

You can see the commercial here:

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ginskia said...

Hi There,

This is Tweety and I am going to be a frequent reader of this blog if you don't mind.

I guess we are "old". I know I am at least and you will know once I tell you what I have been going through. LOL!!!!